Iron Man 3

As a fan of the Iron Man movie, I was a little bit disappointed with Iron Man 3. In my mind before watching this movie, I have imagined actions draw from iron man against his enemies the mandarin, as I see it in the trailer. Unfortunately the actions shown in Iron Man 3 is only one-sixth of the entire duration of the film, not much of an action movie and also this film has a slow pace. Besides that, this film more talked about Tony Stark rather than Iron Man itself. The storyline of the movie itself is more suited for comedy than an action film, the first time you heard the joke will probably laugh but when jokes become too much then you will feel uncomfortable. Special effects used in this film is quite charming, although there are no special effects that give more value than the previous sequel.

The biggest disappointment is the evil character. When we saw the original story on the Iron Man comics, the greatest enemy of Iron Man is Mandarin which has ten rings with tremendous force. But in Iron Man 3, mandarin only be used as a joke, lame, and is a puppet of the real enemy. Mandarin should be the main enemy of lasting for Iron Man like Superman and Lex Luthor, instead of being a poor lowly enemy. Besides this, the other shortcomings of this film is the armor used by Tony Stark is very easily damaged, even though if we look at The Avengers movie, Iron Man’s armor can withstand even very strong heat of lightning forces posed by Thor. In this movie, the Iron Man armor can easily be melted by the enemy with the power of one-tenth of the heat generated by the weapon belongs to Thor.

So to sum up, in case your searching for a quick view with almost everything amplify and also laugh regarding it, this movie will suit your needs, yet, if your interested in the Iron Man you may have get to discover from first and second sequel. Your foremost wish he discovers himself soon enough the next sequel from the Avengers. In the event you have to see this film just wait for the blue-ray since i believe this is not worth the cost of entrance. Having these types of excellent stars like Robert Downey Jr., Guy Pearce, Don Cheadle, Ben Kingsley and many others, that may make it a really fantastic film by using the proper screenplay in hand as well as the suitable movie director inside the coaching place.